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Get Control of Your Clutter Zone!

Eliminate the clutter in your life with a personlized action plan packed with the tips, tools and support you need to succeed.

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A&E’s Hoarders
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LIFETIME'S Hoarders: Family Secrets

promo.jpgDorothyTheOrganizer has been with the A&E Hoarders show since the very first pilot episode as an organizing expert and coordinating producer.  Hoarders: Family Secrets has just completed its first season and airs on the Lifetime Network. Hoarders features dramatic stories and fascinating glimpses into the world of extreme hoarding; often a mental disorder marked by an obsessive need to collect things, even if the items seem worthless, hazardous or unsanitary. Whether facing eviction, the loss of their children, or divorce, all of the individuals are in desperate need of help as they embark on the biggest physical and emotional transformations of their lives.



Look below to find links to all current and past episodes of A&E’s Hoarders on Amazon Instant Video for watching on your computer, Kindle Fire, or Amazon Instant Video enabled television.

Hoarders: The Complete Season One

Each episode of Hoarders: The Complete Season One (7 episodes) shocks and fascinates as it follows people with this debilitating disease. Often living in dilapidated homes, saving items others would discard as trash, or compulsively collecting items they may someday “need,” their families at wits end, hoarders work with experts to gain the strength to overcome their behavior and start on the road to recovery.  At the end of each episode find out who has been able to keep their hoarding behavior at bay and who, despite help, is still lost inside this painful disease.

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Hoarders: Season Two Part One

A&E’s Hoarders Season Two Part One (7 episodes) takes another dramatic look at compulsive hoarders on the verge of personal crisis. In their ongoing battle “cleanup,” is the first step to recovery and even with professional guidance, some find it too painful to purge event the smallest possession– healing is not guaranteed.  Many hoarders face the threat of eviction, jail time, divorce or even the loss of their children. Through their fly-on-the-wall style A&E captures the pain, anguish and absolute despondency of hoarders and their loved ones while coping with this agonizing disease.

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