A&E Hoarders Organizing Expert Faces Biggest Organizing Job Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Dorothy The Organizer says that she has “never gotten sick from a single hoard over 11 seasons working on the Hoarders show.” Dorothy, the fearless-yet-endearing problem solver on A&E’s Emmy-nominated TV show on Hoarders, is meeting the COVID-19 crisis head-on. Dorothy has personally managed the virus at home and came up with a plan to help us …

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How Can I Get My Child, Husband, Home Office More Organized?

How can I get my children to be more organized? And what are some of the signs of hoarding in children? How can I get my spouse to follow through and clean up after completing a chore? How can I make my home office functional instead of a “clutter-catch-all?” These are some of the Facebook …

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Need help with time management? Has it been to long since your last vacation? Do you want to declutter and create more space? Does your home feel chaotic? Are you spiraling out of control with overwhelm? Does your company CEO or its staff need to regroup?

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