Autumn – Your New, Crisp, Organized Season

No Ghosts in the Closet   This season is bringing colors, prints, and patterns for shoes. The runways are flirty and fun for women and for men! The “Chelsea” boot can be paired with anything from a casual look to cocktail attire.   Tips For Organizing Your Shoes This Fall “One in. One out rule.” If …

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Welcome to the January, 2017 Edition of the “DIGITAL SANDWICH” Digital LifeCloud’s Free Monthly Newsletter The only organizing newsletter that covers all of us in the Sandwich Generation (kids, parents, and grandparents). WHAT’S YOUR 2017 DIGITAL GOAL? RESIST THE URGE TO AVOID DOROTHY’S 2017 DIGITAL GOAL FOR ALL OF YOU! It’s a brand new year …

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7 Apps to Organize Even the Most Active Family

Brought to you by my friends at – here is my blog about some great organizing apps. When I meet with an overwhelmed parent for their first coaching session, I can see a look in their eyes and translate, “Please give me a weekend, a day – even just a few hours – of …

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7 Must-Have Home Organization Tools

Brought to you by Zillow Porchlight and DorothyTheOrganizer – June 10, 2016   From budget-friendly to super-splurge, these items get the seal of approval from expert Dorothy The Organizer. Folks often ask my opinion about the best organizing products. The dealbreaker is whether they are items people will actually use. The last thing you want is to …

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Seinfeld’s “Spare-a-Square” Episode vs

Seifeld’s “Spare-a-Square” Episode vs By DorothyTheOrganizer June 14, 2016 Seinfeld episode #76, Season 12: At a movie theater’s restroom, Elaine, realizing she does not have any toilet paper left and asks the woman in the next stall if she has any toilet paper to spare, but the woman refuses, claiming that she “can’t spare …

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There was a time when it really was all about the boats, cars, and vacations. Nope, change that – it might be more like: They who have the most interesting digital life wins! Times are changing and if you listen closely, people no longer brag about their material possessions as much as they talk about their …

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MOVING TO LOS ANGELES? and DorothyTheOrganizer can help

My friends at want to help you if you are thinking of Moving to Los Angeles (or Dallas, Houston, Vegas, San Diego, or Seattle)! Here are their links to various cities and a ton of info below for those of you considering LA. Moving to Dallas, TX Moving to Houston, TX Moving to Las …

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Moving Tips: Executing a Masterful Move from the Organizing Expert on A&E Hoarders TV Show

A Masterful move? Really? Isn’t moving rated right up there with paying taxes and public speaking in terms of feeling immobilized? Relax. It’s Wisdom Wednesday here at the offices of “DorothyTheOrganizer.” You’re going to be okay – even if a move is on the horizon. If you or someone you know is planning a move …

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Packing Light – Organizing Tips to Travel Light

I just posted a video on my YouTube channel: The Big Secret For an Organized Vacation.  And one of my Twitter followers posed the question:  “How do I travel and pack light?” Most of us have been there at one time or another – one more of the O-factors – “Over-packed.”  So how can you …

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Organizing & Storing Seasonal Clothes

Storing clothes when the seasons change is the perfect time to purge and organize your closet, and you asked for some tips to help you.  It may sound like a simple enough task, but there are some important things to know about optimum storage, and how to avoid moths, mildew, setting stains and discoloration. Purge …

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How Can I Get My Child, Husband, Home Office More Organized?

How can I get my children to be more organized? And what are some of the signs of hoarding in children? How can I get my spouse to follow through and clean up after completing a chore? How can I make my home office functional instead of a “clutter-catch-all?” These are some of the Facebook …

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Organizing Your Food: Sugar, Addiction & Weight Loss

So many of you shared comments about sugar, weight loss and how you organize your food intake for a healthy diet, that I thought I would share some of my food / weight loss organizing tips.  And do a little research on the subject of sugar; the good, the bad and the ugly. Can sugar …

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Recycle Monitors: EcoSquid Options for Selling Computers & Recycling Computers & E-Waste

EcoSquid is a web platform that helps you find the best options to sell or recycle your old electronics.Think of them as the for electronics reselling and recycling.  Today, I received a question on the DorothyTheOrganizer Facebook page from our very thoughtful FB friend, Sarah Perrin, and I thought I would share the answer …

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DorothyTheOrganizer 9 Day Spring Cleaning Event

Spring cleaning… what’s your motivation? Here are some tips to help you decide what YOU need or want to achieve! Are you Spring Cleaning to shake out and wash off the winter dulls, do you have company coming to your house for the Easter or Passover Holiday, or are you aiming to get into a …

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How Do I Begin to Declutter When I Feel Overwhelmed By My Stuff

Last week I was asked twice by people in totally different circumstances, how a person can begin to declutter, when they feel overwhelmed both by their “stuff” and their emotions, as well as the very thought of tackling the task. The most challenging step when decluttering is the first – beginning.  But once you can …

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Organizing Your Entryway, Hall or Mudroom

When I asked the question about the most messy areas of your homes, one runner up was a disorganized main entry hallway. This is a commonly cluttered area because it’s the first place you walk into – it’s where you take off your coat and put down your things after you walk in the door …

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Organizing Your Life: One Messy Room At A Time

I asked you:  The one place in your world that was always messy, and you candidly answered! There were some vastly different answers, obviously all of your circumstances vary, and what you need to get organized is different. Some of you are single, some married, some have children some don’t, and your home and work …

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How Can Roots, Time Management, History & The Surgeon General Help You Live A More Organized Healthier Life?

Before 1977, roots were something we had if we lived in one place for a long time. But Alex Haley’s epic TV series, gave the word a whole new meaning for Americans.  Haley’s “Saga of an American Family,” got us all wondering about our genes, heritage and previous generations. In schools across America this February …

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Academy Nominated Albert Nobbs: More Than a Well Pressed Suit in His Closet

In this Academy Nominated film about the risks of being true to oneself, Albert Nobbs, Glen Close’s character decides to organize his life around his values: financial security, love and long lasting companionship are his goals. As the story unfolds, we can’t help but feel compassion and empathy when we learn why Mr. Nobbs has …

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Birds Do It, Bees Do It, Even Educated Fleas Do It… “Hello Love!”

On Valentine’s Day the whimsy of a chubby cherub boy flitting about with a bow and a quiver full of magical arrows is a very romantic notion, but when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of it, finding a partner is kind of like the super information highway: Information rules!  And time, contrary …

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Need help with time management? Has it been to long since your last vacation? Do you want to declutter and create more space? Does your home feel chaotic? Are you spiraling out of control with overwhelm? Does your company CEO or its staff need to regroup?

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