7 Must-Have Home Organization Tools

From budget-friendly to super-splurge, these items get the seal of approval from expert Dorothy The Organizer.

Folks often ask my opinion about the best organizing products. The dealbreaker is whether they are items people will actually use. The last thing you want is to spend money and wind up with more clutter.


If you’re going to make the splurge (whether a small or large investment), think about whether the product will actually make it easier to access your belongings, and whether you’re likely to use the item over the long term.

With those qualifications in mind, here are some of my personal favorite organizing tools.


Matching hangers

No matter the cost, investing in matching hangers can give you instant gratification. They turn a hodge podge closet turns into a sleek, uniform hanging system.


Lose the wire hangers, and pick one color (and brand) to stage your wardrobe quickly in a clean and visually appealing way.



Courtesy of The Container Store.


Decorative drop zone

We all need a place to drop our keys, phone, wallet, credit card, necklace, or glasses when we walk in the door.

My advice? Select a lovely decorative bowl or plate — but pick a small or medium-sized one so it doesn’t overwhelm your entryway.

The point is to see something when you walk in the door that is beautiful and can double time as an organizing tool.

Hooks that attach to hinges


These clever hinges take advantage of unused space behind the door. While this secret storage idea doesn’t require investing much time or money, it’s a great little space-saving tool that most doors can accommodate.

Installation is easy. Just pop the door hinge pin and drop the hook in. These hooks swivel for easy access in the bathroom (for towels), in the bedroom (for robes or belts), or in the office (for earphones with cords).


Hinge It Towel Hook, Household Essentials, $5.


Slide-out cookware storage

If you’re tired of heaving pots and pans out of the lower kitchen cabinet, here’s a splurge that will bring a gleam to your eye.

Consider installing a pull-out cabinet cookware organizer, designed to fit any standard-depth base cabinet. The organizer is fully adjustable, has removable hooks, and accommodates different shapes and sizes of cookware.

By extending the organizer outward you will avoid having to bend, stretch or struggle to access cookware.


Glideware Cookware Organizer, Amazon, $316


Gift wrap organizer

In minutes, you can eliminate the rolls of wrapping paper sliding around the floor of your hall closet, and keep scissors, tape, ribbon, bows and bags at your fingertips. No more going from room to room hunting for supplies!

Several gift wrap organizers on the market are easy to store and carry, and quick to use. Just grab the case from under the bed or garage, take it to the dining room table, unzip and wrap.


Under-the-stairs storage

While many homes have a door with access to unused area under the stairs, it is often the most misused space in the home.

Why? Because the area is often poorly lit, and you can’t stand up easily in the space.

It should be much easier for us to retrieve our stored items. Slide-out drawers and cabinets bring our stuff directly to us in the well-lit, easy-to-stand-in hallway — plus it’s effortless to see all at once what you’ve got stored.


Courtesy of Ben Herzog Architect.

Cord control

You might be thinking that these twisty organizing cables could double as a hair accessory, but the truth is these colorful ties can organize cords for consumer electronics, home entertainment systems, kitchen appliances, computer systems, power tools, extension cords, holiday lights, and more.

Flex and twist the ties to contain your cords, and simply unwind to release. They are reusable for repeated use.

While these cord organizers won’t break the bank, they can break the frustration we experience from having a drawer full of devices tangled in cords.

Flexi Ties, Staples, $6.


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