Birds Do It, Bees Do It, Even Educated Fleas Do It… “Hello Love!”

"Cupid draw back your bow and left your arrows go..." ~ Sam Cooke

On Valentine’s Day the whimsy of a chubby cherub boy flitting about with a bow and a quiver full of magical arrows is a very romantic notion, but when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of it, finding a partner is kind of like the super information highway: Information rules!  And time, contrary to the song, is not on our side.

Consumers rank Match, eHarmony, Chemistry, PerfectMatch and Spark as the Nation’s top 5 Dating Sites.  What do they all have in common… a personality profile questionnaire assessment.  So maybe finding, (and keeping) the perfect love, (and shouting it from the highest hill), might involve just a little organization on our part.

We spend time and energy organizing practically every other aspect of our lives – why not our love life! 

So this Valentine’s Day whether you’re currently unattached, a twinkle in somebody’s eye, ready to set the date or buying leather accessories – the traditional 3rd year anniversary gift is leather  – spending more time to understand yourself or your partner can only be a good idea.  And this is probably the only time you’ll hear DorothyTheOrganizer tell you less is definitely NOT more!

Reviewing childhood stories and sharing memories, both happy and sad, is an amazing way to really understand yourself, or a significant other more completely.  Having conversations about your life and family will help you get closer to each other, be more compassionate and understanding, and find out what makes you both tick.

TIP:  Knowing more about the story of your significant other’s life can help you understand where they are coming from when they:

  • Won’t spring for the more expensive _______ no matter how much sense it makes

  • Are unable to commit or take the relationship to the next level

  • Find yourself nagging, arguing about or avoiding discussion on certain subjects

  • Are overly clingy or jealous when you talk to someone of the opposite sex in front of them

  • Over react when you come home 30 minutes late for your dine in dinner date

Life Scrapbook Album

Whether it’s more beneficial for you to have a life scrapbook interview album and enjoy a glass of wine in front of a roaring fire with your partner, or an e-book on your phone or tablet for simple easy access, asking insightful questions will help you organize and make more sense out of your love life.

It’s soon going to be Valentine’s Day and it’s a leap year which means in some countries women will actually propose to their men in 2012.  Spending time with the one you love, having meaningful conversations is the best gift you can give them!  Check out a product I co-created – It will provide you both with hours of loving face time this Valentines Day!

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