There was a time when it really was all about the boats, cars, and vacations. Nope, change that – it might be more like: They who have the most interesting digital life wins!

Times are changing and if you listen closely, people no longer brag about their material possessions as much as they talk about their newest digital watch, travel App, or the number of views received on their just released YouTube cat video.

We at Digital LifeCloud call this “Digital Bragging Rights.” We are curious, what is digitally significant in your life right now? The good news? We have the power to capture all of it. Take a moment to learn what moms, dads, kids, and geeks are talking about when it comes to their “digital brags!” Enjoy.

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We at Digital LifeCloud call this “Digital Bragging Rights.” We are curious, what is digitally significant in your life right now? The good news? We have the power to capture all of it. Take a moment to learn what moms, dads, kids, and geeks are talking about when it comes to their “digital brags!” Enjoy.



With Father’s Day around the corner we face the fact that the “really cool” things in a man’s world today are digital!

For thousands of years a man’s “macho” quotient was directly related to what he was wearing on his belt. He who had the strongest club … shinest sword… sharpest knife … fastest six shooter on his hip was ¡más macho!


Life was simplier in the good old days as everyone knew what you could do with those macho “badges of honor”. In today’s digital world, the macho “gadgets” that a man wears or displays on his hip are cool to look at but it is not always apparent “what” you can do with them.

My advice is twofold. First “learn” what your new toy can do (yes, read the manual) and second, agressively demonstrate to your buddies your digital prowess. By that, I mean, flex your new found ability to “show off” your digital bragging rights anytime, anywhere. 24/7.

A good friend of mine just received a prestigious award from his community. I was interested to learn more and he pulled it up on his tablet so I could read it. Talk about bragging rights! He even has some pictures of the award ceremony. Much more “macho” than just telling me about it. Gotta love the digital world!

So when you have a chance, setup a link to your Digital LifeCloud account on all your gadgets and you too can “one up” the other guy when sharing your “digital bragging rights”. This will not only blow away your buddies but prove once and for all that you are absolutely más macho.

Bob Hammer is a “road warrior” in his professional life. All too often, his job requires him to remotely run his personal/family life. Bob has been an avid user of Digital LifeCloud for over 8 years.

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Debby Bitticks, Intergenerational Expert/Author


Plan a get together with family and simply share the year you were born and where technology was at that time of your childhood, teen years, adult life, etc. and how it has affected you. AND of course show and share the technology you use TODAY!


When great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren do this, the conversations make you laugh, share knowledge of history, inventions, the power of creativity, the courage and tenacity of people who invent, and what it means to our society and the world.

Also, when our young children share and brag about all the really cool digital toys, the communication with it may amaze you! Your being interested brings you closer and builds the opportunity to communicate in their arena. They live in a world we never could have imagined.

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Finding pictures of what previous generations had and tracing their lineage is also fascinating, These activities make any birthday, Sunday afternoon, dinner, etc. a joy for EVERYONE.

Debby Bitticks is a nationally recognized award-winning author and
Inter-generational expert, who has appeared on CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN, and QVC, and wrote and hosted a PBS TV special.



Essential Ingredients for Your Kids’ Digital World as They Engage in “Bragging Rights.”

1. DIVERSIFY! – My girls know that word quite well in our household. The time spent on technology is a battle most parents face. An approach that is effective for many is to impart the importance of integrating a balance, such as, spending time outdoors being active or engaging in music.

2. USE TECHNOLOGY AS AN INCENTIVE – When allowing our kids “windows” of technology time, it’s very useful to use it as an incentive to complete other tasks and activities, such as, allowing them tech time once they’ve completed homework, chores, outside time, or practicing piano.

3. DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP – In a nutshell, we MUST teach our kids how to engage in their digital world responsibly. In addition to teaching them guidelines, communication is key. Our kids will undoubtedly come across inappropriate comments and potential concerning images. Fostering an open dialogue so our kids feel comfortable and safe to discuss this is essential.

4. CREATE CLEAR RULES WITH CELL PHONES – Many experts support parents who explain to their kids that the cell phones belong to the parents and the kids get to use them (as long as they’re using them responsibly)! Also, communicate clear rules. Address questions, such as, “Are cell phones allowed at the dinner table? Are cell phone allowed in their bedrooms when going to bed? Do games and apps need to be approved by you as parents before downloading them?”

5. NEED HELP NAVIGATING YOUR KID’S DIGITAL WORLD? is a fantastic site which can help parents navigate this tricky aspect of parenting.

Lynn Benson, co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul Life Lessons for Busy Moms” has an extensive background working in the early childhood education field and social work.



Hello! My name is Jenna and I’m excited to share my opinions with you about the cool things about technology.

Most of what I have access to today didn’t exist 20 years ago. I can produce songs, movies and video games all on my phone … which is amazing. The problem is some people don’t use this stuff responsibly.

We all have to work hard on keeping the internet safe.

I would like to share my tips on using technology and the internet safely which are:
1. Remember, everything you post will exist on the internet FOREVER. Think about what you’re writing before you post it!
2. If you are a kid being cyber bullied, tell a parent or an adult.
3. When playing on sites like Minecraft, never give out your real name, where you live, or any personal information.

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