DorothyTheOrganizer’s Trip to the Grammy’s, the High School Prom and other Cherished Memories

Dorothy's High School Prom 1980

Thank you all for taking the time to support my “adult prom night” – I mean my upcoming evening at the Grammy’s.  I must say interacting with you about what I might wear, whether I will walk the Red Carpet, deciding which driver is taking me, understanding the proper traffic flow for drop offs, picking up THE tickets…..all of it is reminiscent of my high school prom.

Some of you may remember your own sweet days back in high school – perhaps some of you did not have a chance to enjoy such Cherished Memories. I loved my time in high school and loved the people around me too – classmates, teachers, and townspeople.  I came from a very rural town in Wisconsin and spent most of my time with my best friend, Andrea, and my really tall boyfriend, Steve – creating memories that live with me daily and make me laugh.  I also find I’m incredibly grateful to these dear friends – we grew up together, got in trouble together, and still remain friends.

Because it’s Valentine’s Day soon and I’m all full of gushy loving memories of those around me and those no longer around me, I feel a strong sense to remind you to take note of your sweetheart’s life and stories.  Some of you know that I  interviewed my mom and learned her life story – which is the greatest gift I could give – well, I mean get.  Wait! I really did give her the gift of “Cherished Memories” (which can be found at DorothyTheOrganizer Store) – but the truth is, in spending time with my mom, I was the one who got all the goodies, the understanding, the gift.

Love shows up in many ways and I happen to think that honoring someone’s life and taking time to listen to their sweet stories is one way to really provide the proof that you are interested in them (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, parent, child) – we all like to feel important.  This Valentine’s Day, I wish to send love and gratitude to my high school sweethearts and friends, Andrea (and her husband Rod) and Steve (and his wife Tara).  Wouldn’t we all have a blast at the Grammy’s this Sunday?

Hugs to you all and Happy Valentine’s Day![youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN5BHpCZ_Bs]


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