Moving Tips: Executing a Masterful Move from the Organizing Expert on A&E Hoarders TV Show

A Masterful move? Really? Isn’t moving rated right up there with paying taxes and public speaking in terms of feeling immobilized? Relax. It’s Wisdom Wednesday here at the offices of “DorothyTheOrganizer.” You’re going to be okay – even if a move is on the horizon. If you or someone you know is planning a move – here are some tips for starting and powering through a move:

1. Start now. Avoid perfection at all costs. Just start now (and might I add – start in the kitchen). If you are packing to move, one of the more time-consuming areas of the home is the kitchen. Start with the cabinets high that are higher up and lower down or further back. Pack away those items you use rarely anyway. But where do you get the boxes you ask?

2. Sites like Craigslist.com, Ebayclassifieds.com and Freecycle.org have postings where people give away boxes for free. Now if you need new boxes or museum-quality packing supplies, go to: http://www.boxcity.com/Scripts/default.asp They deliver, ship, and they have over 2000 sizes of boxes under one roof.

3. For many of you who might be making a move sometime soon, you may wish to give away, toss purge, toss lots of what’s been stored in your home, office, garage, attic and shed. If you think you might need to toss a lot and don’t have the space or budge for a “life size” dumpster like I use on the Hoarders show, try: Bagster Dumpster $29.95 AT Home Depot:
http://www.homedepot.com/p/WM-Bagster-Dumpster-in-a-Bag-775-658/202228840#.UW7iSavn9LM The WM Bagster Dumpster in a Bag is the perfect on-demand waste removal solution for your job site or do-it-yourself project. Fill the bag with up to 3,300 lb. of debris or waste, then schedule your collection with Waste Management. The collection fee is not included. Visit www.thebagster.com or call 877.789.2247 to confirm your location is within the collection service area. Just be sure to check because not all Collection Service is available in all markets

4. Finally, to reduce the expense of the move (since most movers charge by weight), consider getting reducing books and paper. Ouch! Obviously we keep loads of records from school, past jobs, businesses we ran, taxes, paid bills, etc. If you wish to lighten your load and you don’t have time to shred those “secret documents” yourself, you might consider the “Shred It” company. http://www.shredit.com/on-site-paper-shredding.aspx Their One-Time Paper Shredding Service is best when you need to destroy large volumes of sensitive information periodically such as outdated files or old tax records. Shred-it will provide paper shredding services to you in a secure, convenient and compliant way. Whether it is just a few boxes or an entire storeroom full of confidential documents, they are happy to look after your on site paper shredding needs. Tailored to fit around your schedule and specific needs, their one-time shredding service ensures your confidential documents are destroyed securely through our secure end-to-end process.IMG_0923

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