Recycle Monitors: EcoSquid Options for Selling Computers & Recycling Computers & E-Waste

EcoSquid is a web platform that helps you find the best options to sell or recycle your old electronics.Think of them as the http://www.Kayak.com for electronics reselling and recycling.  Today, I received a question on the DorothyTheOrganizer Facebook page from our very thoughtful FB friend, Sarah Perrin, and I thought I would share the answer with all of you.

Electronic waste is a growing problem—one that most of us are committed to solving. After lots of research, EcoSquid found that most consumers do not resell or recycle their old electronics because they just don’t know about all of the convenient options that are out there. EcoSquid solves this problem by presenting you with one easy-to-use platform that integrates electronics repurchasing and recycling programs from major retailers, resellers, and recyclers.

On EcoSquid, you can quickly find the product you wish to dispose of and then choose from a number of options to resell or recycle that product. If your product has value, you can select a deal based on a number of factors, including the amount of cash offered for the product and user reviews of the service. If your product has no value or you are not interested in selling it, we will recommend the best way to responsibly recycle or donate it.

We hope that by simplifying the process and providing you with objective information, you are convinced to either prolong the life of your electronics or responsibly dispose of them. The service that EcoSquid provides is free, so I hope that you will check it out!  http://www.ecosquid.com/client/index.jsp

How It Works

EcoSquid makes it easy to resell or recycle your electronics.  Start by watching their quick intro video.

1)      Find Your Product –  Use EcoSquid’s “Easy Search” to find your gadget by name or model.

2)      Select the Best Offer – Click “Find Matching Offers” to see numerous offers from buyers and recyclers of your product. Select the best deal to sell or recycle it.

3)      Send in your Device & Get Paid! –  EcoSquid takes you to your selected buyer’s website where you simply print out a pre-paid mailer, send in your device, and get paid. If you opt to recycle or donate, follow the service’s instructions to mail in or drop off your device.

Why EcoSquid is different

Because EcoSquid does not provide a repurchasing or recycling service of its own, it is 100% objective. They know how frustrating it can be to research all of the options for disposing of electronic waste online, and they want to make it simple. Additionally, they want to make sure that you feel comfortable with the services that you select. So, they’ve provided you with the ability to rate services and read reviews from other consumers that have experienced those services firsthand.

Other Recycle Options include:

Earth 911 is a comprehensive communication medium for the environment. Earth 911 has taken environmental hotlines, web sites and other information sources nationwide, and consolidated them into one network. Once you contact the Earth 911 network, you will find community-specific information on eCycling and much more.

My Green Electronics is provided by the Consumer Electronics Association, this site is a resource for consumers wishing to purchase green products and/or searching for local opportunities to recycle or donate used electronics.

To Conduct Your Own Research


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