Seinfeld’s “Spare-a-Square” Episode vs

Seifeld’s “Spare-a-Square” Episode vs

By DorothyTheOrganizer

June 14, 2016

Seinfeld episode #76, Season 12: At a movie theater’s restroom, Elaine, realizing she does not have any toilet paper left and asks the woman in the next stall if she has any toilet paper to spare, but the woman refuses, claiming that she “can’t spare a square.” Elaine pleads with the woman, but she leaves, ignoring Elaine.

Well, I’m pleased to say that you no longer need to worry about sparing a square – because can spare more than a square. They have you covered – whether it’s your extra toilet paper, winter ski equipment, or the entire contents of your house while you remodel, you can simply:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in your zipcode
  3. Find and compare storage options of all kinds – all in one place

National Moving Day occurred the day after Memorial Day and kicked off a summer season filled with boxes, packing tape, moving trucks and complete overwhelm. Moving companies, storage unit facilities and professional organizer’s like myself are slammed.  And while you may not be one of the 40 million Americans who are moving this summer, you may know someone who is or you may be been enlisted to help someone do it.

According to SpareFoot’s Storage and Moving Study, the majority of people keep an item out of guilt – with gifts and heirlooms ranking highest. What is your most guilt-inducing collectible? Many folks feel that moving is the best opportunity to declutter their homes. While the opportunity to declutter is good, the timing may not be. There is a huge difference between:

  1. Packing and moving and
  2. Beciding what to keep or not while packing and moving.

Adding in the decision-making step around what to keep or not can add hours and even weeks to your packing and moving project

If you have a bit of time before your move and you want to eliminate clutter rather than taking it with you, sort into these categories: Keep, Give Away, Throw Away. Always do the sorting first and then later do the packing. In order to wade through the emotional clutter around your stuff, consider asking yourself these questions:

  • Is it broken and am I the type of person who will repair it? If no, let it go.
  • What’s the story behind this dress, tool, set of dishes? Love it? Keep it. Holding on to it out of guilt or obligation? That just me keep you stuck and resentful. If so, let it go.
  • Can I use it or display it (yes, keep it) or will it remained boxed unseen, unused? (Perhaps let go).
  • Does this collection or piece of furniture, clothing, painting, support my values and goals right now or in the very near future? If no, let it go.
  • Does this item support my identity or how I want to represent myself to the world right now? If no, let it go.
  • Do you really believe your kids may want what you have? If no, let it go.

If you have no time left and you must move now, remember this is a move (not a time to declutter). If you are down to the wire on time, you will need to focus on the packing and moving only (not the decluttering) and shift your decision making to the other end of the move. If you can swing it, snag a storage unit for the interim (emphasize “INTERIM”) – you can find great pricing through

zzz sparefoot

You can use to book Full-Service Storage, which will allow you to review those items in a sane and less pressured way. Full-Service Storage provides expert loaders who pick up your boxes and take them to a modern facility for storage. Everything is returned to you at your request without any lifting or lugging on your part.


  • Pamela Gilbreath Kelly says:

    I related to all your questions and will use your suggestions as guidelines, in my de-cluttering process .Many thanks!

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