Boss Organizer Blueprint


Where Dorothy Shows You How To Become A Professional Organizer Both On & Offline – Without stressing about HOW to run a business, WHERE to find clients, or WHAT to charge!



SECRET #1: Why Professional Organizing Is The Most Popular, Rewarding and Recession-Proof Job On The Planet
SECRET #2: The 9 Myths That You’ve Been Led To Believe By Others… Holding You Back From Massive Joy, Self Expression and Financial Stability
SECRET #3: The 3 Keys To Getting Off To A Fast Start For Becoming A High-Fee Professional Organizer


The Boss Organizer Blueprint is a business in a box that will show you how to create an incredible life… a life that’s worth living, a life that delivers value and purpose, and a life that will be truly rewarding, both financially and personally.


You will learn how to provide online virtual coaching and in-person coaching – without any worries of how to run a business, where to find clients, or what to charge!


In this course I take you “behind the scenes” of what it takes to be a “Boss Organizer.” A Boss Organizer is someone who works in this vast field of organizing, creates life on their terms and around their values, works from home virtually or with clients in person, and has the FREEDOM to enjoy life.


The information I will share with you is, I believe, truly tried and tested from my career as a Professional Organizer and these professional secrets have NEVER been shared before! Even though you can see the evidence everywhere right now, I know there is a MASSIVE demand for Organizing. My mission with the Boss Organizer Blueprint is to create a path to a stable, exhilarating, longstanding job and career for you (if you need a job) or if you just want to pursue doing something different to what you are already doing.


Organizing is becoming one of the most popular, recession-proof jobs, on the planet – not to mention how easy it is to start an organizing business and make a great income doing it…one where you wake up every day fired up and excited about what you’re doing because you’re able to be productive again, making great money, and helping others who feel they can’t pull themselves out of their chaos.


The Boss Organizer Blueprint comes as a complete business in a box, and includes nine modules covering the key areas for generating success:

• Module 1: Creating The Foundation For A 6 Figure Business
• Module 2: How To Set Up Your Organizing Business
• Module 3: What Service Do I Provide And What Do I Charge?
• Module 4: 21 Way To Get Clients
• Module 5: Working With Clients – Part 1
• Module 6: Working With Clients – Part 2
• Module 7: Building A Boss Organizing Team
• Module 8: Becoming A 7-Figure Boss Organizer
• Module 9: Protect And Expand Your Organizing Business

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