My Soul’s Journey on Earth Self Discovery Guidebook Series

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These workbooks go beyond the treasured experience of gathering one’s life story. The Cherished Memories Workbooks allow an individual to explore in more depth how events and circumstances have impacted them throughout life, and examine their perception and response to the world around them. Much can be learned from past and present experiences through self-reflection, a process which involves looking at specific events and with increased awareness describe feelings, perceptions, and values, in relation to these events.


Having a deeper appreciation and understanding of the circumstances surrounding life events can greatly impact the way a person acts and reacts to them. The way in which an individual emotionally interprets experiences can greatly influence the way they will act and react in the future.


The various trademarked approaches of this program include but are not limited to the completion of written exercises and viewing of vignettes. Other areas examined during this journey of self-exploration are: exploration of life events and how they’ve impacted our lives,  exploration of our values, beliefs and barriers, increased awareness of life events / triggers that impact our behaviors , enhanced understanding of our authenticity or lack thereof, increased awareness of mind-body connections, self-exploration to achieve healing and balance.


While anyone can benefit from this process, this series of workbooks and seminars has the potential to cover numerous topics, and can be especially life altering for those struggling with: substance abuse,  weight management, gender identity issues, hoarding, repetitive behavior, adolescent development, life transforming illness, midlife changes, retirement , anger management, divorce / separation issues

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