When I Roll Out of Bed Tomorrow Morning I Just Want to Be Happy


Do you want to have more time for yourself? Do you want to say “no” to an overcommitted life? Is it time for a really good belly laugh? Are you in need of a great night’s sleep? Dorothy’s book, “When I Roll Out of Bed Tomorrow Morning, I Just Want to Be Happy” will give you insight on how to find the contentment and joy missing in your life. For 365 days, you can write about your feelings in response to Dorothy’s daily focus statement. This book will guide you through a better understanding of how to set and maintain goals for personal happiness.




Some people go to Bali on vacation, I just read her books!”

~Susan Beckman, LA Artist


Need help with time management? Has it been to long since your last vacation? Do you want to declutter and create more space? Does your home feel chaotic? Are you spiraling out of control with overwhelm? Does your company CEO or its staff need to regroup?

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