Dr Phil

Dorothy is a life coach. She is about organizing,

she is about putting together an action plan

for setting up the interval steps to get you

where you’re going, setting realistic goals—and she is good at it.

O Magazine

Create a Dump Zone. Find a space to corral all the stuff

that you don’t have time

to put away the moment you step in the door, says Breininger.

Once you’re ready to get organized, you won’t have to hunt

all over the house for the dry

cleaning or your child’s field trip permission slip.

Anthony Robbins, Peak Performance Coach

Dorothy encourages you to focus in on what you really want

– and prevents you from getting there…..

she provides valuable tools for change

that will result in massive action.


Equal parts cheerleader, therapist, and organizer,

Breininger has decluttered personal lives for 20 years.

Time magazine

When we come in, it’s sort of like an ER,” says Dorothy Breininger,

a producer and an organizing expert on the show [Hoarders].

“There’s not a lot of time to make decisions.

Things have to be done—and very quickly.

The Wall Street Journal

Dorothy Breininger, a life coach and chief executive

of the Center for Organization . . . ,

“One trick to wean the kids off their digital freeloading

habits is to give them a one-time gift,

say at an event like graduation.”

~ Dr. Jared Diamond, Pulitzer Prize Winner, Guns Germs and Steel, UCLA School of Medicine

I have found that a few hours of Dorothy Breininger’s training

is saving me hundreds of hours of my own time,

while bringing me greatly increased efficiency and peace of mind.

Southern California Edison

Dorothy Breininger and her team were amazing to work with

—they took mountains of paper and created organized files.

We no longer feel overwhelmed by the sheer

volume of information we process.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

If the room’s a mess, the sentence is swift:

hard labor, until order is restored.

If things are in place, she’ll [Breininger]

leave flowers or other rewards for good behavior.

Shape magazine

When there are too many choices,

you spend too much time making decisions,

says Dorothy Breininger.

Not only does it slow you down but it’s mentally exhausting.

Roxanne Davis Attorney

For years Dorothy and her staff have organized

my business and my life.

For me, Dorothy is like a monthly vitamin,

which ensures my personal and business success.

West Australian News

One of Breininger’s secret weapons is simple: hugs.

She says many hoarders are so hooked into their home

hoards that they have become distant from the people

who love them the most and certainly don’t get a lot of physical contact.

Malibu Times magazine

People can also be comforted by their clutter, Breininger says.

Often, their identity is attached to stuff.

It might be a past identity,

their current identity or someone they want to be.

Los Angeles Times

If you can decide what is really important to you

and give up the rest, you’ll be able to use

and enjoy what you love most, . . . says Breininger.

Organize magazine

Dorothy Breininger can turn your “To Do” list into an “It’s Done” list!

Pet Age magazine

The busier we are, the harder we work,

which leads us to become tired and stressed out, said Dorothy Breininger. . . .

When we’re stressed,

we find ourselves complaining to other people,

which not only takes up time

but also feeds the negative energy.

The New Jersey Herald News

. . . says Dorothy Breininger, a time-efficiency

coach and professional work organizer in Los Angeles . . .

“What brand do you really want to put out there?

What image do you want to put out to your boss, the world, the company?”

San Fernando Valley Business Journal

What’s happening is that people feel

that they should get organized and they never can,

because there is too much information, too much technology,

too much paper mail coming in, [Breininger] said.

People feel so stretched for time

that they can’t organize their own thoughts

Susan Beckman, Artist

Some people go to Bali on vacation. I just call Dorothy!


Need help with time management? Has it been to long since your last vacation? Do you want to declutter and create more space? Does your home feel chaotic? Are you spiraling out of control with overwhelm? Does your company CEO or its staff need to regroup?

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