5 Quick Ideas for Organizing Ourselves in 2011

By Dorothy Breininger, organizational expert

Pick Something and Take an Action!

Preparing for the New Year is as much about closing out the old year as it is making room for the new.

1. Consider how you archive and store the year’s records both physically and electronically.  (This applies to your business, personal, health, children’s artwork, etc.) Eliminate the clutter by asking— how do we purge our files and records?  How often? What did we set up, put in place, or change that worked better this year than last.

When reflecting on the past year – can you identify projects & tasks which were not completed?   Why?  Is it time to let some go?  Which to-do list items have rolled over from month to month?  Did you upgrade your attitude, wardrobe, computer skills, playtime?

2. Review your personal growth—ask… Am I using my strengths to my best advantage? What did I learn this past year?  What do I still want to learn? What old attitudes, ideas, beliefs can I get rid of to make room for new possibilities?  Let’s rotate out some old stuff and make room for the new.

3. Aim for improving your time management skills-Divide your time in the New Year in a new way:

  • Best Results days
  • Prep Days
  • Rest & Relaxation days

This system can be used for at home and at work.

 4.  Come clean on bad habits:  creating “to stop” lists rather than ‘to do” lists, designing your own personal retreat to create the goals for your year ahead.


5.  Write out your goals-Set aside 2 hours in a visually-inspiring location and write down your wishes for each area of your life: Health, finances, fitness, spirituality, recreation, community, friends & family, car & home, education, contribution to the world. The simple act of writing your goals increases the likeliness of successful initiation and completion.

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  • spverma says:

    With regards to time management skills, The time management tip that works for me is to compartmentalize my day for professional & personal things. You can always sub divide this in to hourly intervals further per priority of things on your table!

    Shyam Verma, PMP

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