Balancing Holiday Organzing with Planning for 2012

I took a small tumble yesterday as I was walking – luckily I have pretty good balance so no harm done.  But I got to thinking how balancing your life at this time of year is especially difficult.  As a teenager I competed in gymnastics – balance was paramount.  Our coach was always there to watch over us, guide us with tips and cheer us on when we perfected a new move.

In 2012 I am launching a new organizing program cloud coaching – my new Cloud9Club.  It is my hope that with my help every month, you can achieve all the organizing  goals you set for yourself!  All the things that you would love to achieve in your home and your life, but never quite manage to find the time or motivation to accomplish.

Next week I am going to help you review 2011 – find out what’s been working for you and what hasn’t – and set new goals and resolutions for 2012.  But in the meantime, even though your holiday schedule may already be hectic with gift buying and party planning, maybe you could get a jump on some basic tax planning that might gift you a little financial reward in the new year!

Here are some questions to consider before the end of the year that might benefit you especially if you care for parents.

  • Can you or your parents make contributions to 401(k) or spend all the money in your flexible spending account?
  • What do your deductions add up to – should you itemize or not?
  • Do or your parents have unused furniture, clothes, books etc. to donate?  (Put the receipt directly into your tax file.)
  • Would you or your parents like to gift cash before year’s end and avoid gift tax?
  • Can you or your parents make January’s mortgage payment before the end of the year?
  • Do you have medical expenses to deduct – for yourself and/or dependents?

AgingCare.com has outlined detailed strategies especially for those of us who are caring for other family members but if in doubt call your tax preparer.

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