Behind the Scenes of The Bonnie Hunt Show

I have to say that I loved being on the Bonnie Hunt Show. 

It was one of the Best experience ever (and it's not just because my boyfriend won the dance contest during the audience warm

Bonnie is utterly sincere - and really studies the material and the people
before coming on the show. She has the clearest soul and is a most down to
earth earth human being.

The dressing rooms were lovely: a gift of cooking oils and the perfect
lightweight Bonnie Hunt sweatshirt and a massage chair for those family
members who were nervous for me.

My VIP guests were Carl & Val Sgro (author of the new organizing novel,
"Photographic Memories" www.greensquarepublishing.com), my sister Pat who
is in remission from her Stage IV cancer, and my 6'6" boyfriend.

My day starts with selecting clothing for the show and arriving "camera
ready" (hair & makeup done). Then I go to my own dressing room (with my
name on it. I meet with producers to go over the show sequence and then I
I was reunited with the #Hoarders star, Janet Lamping and her daughters.
So great to see them and know amazingly Janet has turned her life around).

My guests were then ushered to their seats and I sat in my massage chair
and meditated on being calm and saying the right words that will hopefully
inspire others watching the show.

In addition to a personal card from Bonnie, she was exceptionally gracious
with her time before and after the show - photos, conversation, and more.

What could be a better day? Family and friends included in my experience,
acknowledging the A&E "Hoarders" show which provides me regular work,
getting the chance to have a "voice" about hoarding which can potentially
help others - and fulfilling on a goal I had back in 1986 about being on
talk show as an expert. 

Check that one off the list. :-) :-) :-)


  • Dorothy, this is @TimeMgmtWriter from Twitter.

    It is so great to hear that Bonnie is so down-to-earth and personable. I don’t actually have cable or watch television frequently*, but I’ve caught her show a couple of times and found her really endearing and very genuine.

    I’m also glad to hear that you’re making life goals happen! GREAT for you and keep it up.

    *I may not watch TV, but I’ve seen Hoarders a lot. My best friend, his girlfriend, and I used to watch it pretty often when I lived with them. Now, with my husband as my only roommate and so much going on, I only have time for TV on DVD.

  • Hellen says:

    I’m so happy for your Dorothy! You deserve to be treated this well, since you give so much of yourself to others.

    I’m upset that I missed your appearance. Is there anyway I could still catch it (i.e. youtube)?

  • Yay, Dorothy! I am so happy for you. 🙂

    – Lorie

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