DOROTHYtheORGANIZER suggests Sanity Savers for the Holidays

Themes provide focus for decorating & gift giving.

This year try embracing the notion that LESS IS MORE.  The LESS you have to do, the MORE time you have to ENJOY.

Avoid perfection at all costs!  Save “being perfect” for one very special event during the holidays and allow other activities and tasks to be “pretty darn great.”

Decide on a theme for the holidays.  Having a theme allows for family focus in family activities and can guide in the gift giving and budgeting.  Themes can unite families and stimulate creativity.  Examples of possible themes are:

  • Red Christmas (everything red – foods, decorations, gift wrap)
  • Heartfelt Holidays (create the opportunity to have heartfelt experiences through conversations, meals and gifts)
  • International Holiday (celebrate your holiday in the style of another country’s tradition)
  • Create a theme around a bible verse (select a passage and let it guide your family for the season)
  •  It’s all about Animals (this is fun especially if you have younger children)
  • Let’s have our Attitude be Gratitude (gratitude is a joyful attitude that creates a positive atmosphere for the whole family)

So all you detail warriors RELAX a little and enjoy the Season as it starts to unfold!

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