Father’s Day

Before we get to Father’s Day, I would just like to comment that does it not feel like Mother’s Day was yesterday?  LOL

Besides seeming nearly impossible yet another month has gone by, if you are anything like me sometimes those weeks are a bit of a blur.   How many memories zoomed past, even in this digital age, before we could really capture and save them?

And as we know Fathers for the most part don’t like to seem sentimental and can even seem discouraging of capturing memories, especially highlighting their own accomplishments.  But from experience that doesn’t mean their heart cannot be touched by these memories.

As I have discussed in previous posts, an amazing, heart-felt gift is a ‘memory book.”  You can create one yourself or I have helped designed “Cherished Memories” a kit in our Bio Binders series that makes making a truly special gift of love so easy.  “Cherished Memories” is laid out to remind you of important events you may have forgotten.

I am talking about this again because I think many people quicken to a memory book for Mom for Mother’s Day because it is fairly easy to imagine how much she would love a book filled with her most precious memories.

But, in my experience, Fathers may appreciate this gift even more since they seldom or the ones keeping the scrapbooks and chronically the family history, yet they equally want to remember and feel so honored to have the family gather his ‘greatest hits’ together!

As they say:   Still waters run deep.

And really, do you want to have to find a place for yet another set of ties?  LOL (Sorry, a little organizational humor 🙂

If anyone has given a ‘memory book’ (Cherished Memories or in another form) could you leave a comment below so we can share the positive impact of giving from the heart! 🙂


  • Maureen Breininger Hlavacek says:

    Last year I created memory book for my father. It included photos as well as journaling about his life. Everyone who visits him in assisted living and the staff read a page or two and talk to him about it. It generates conversations with people who would otherwise not take the time or know what to talk about with an elderly man. He says it is the best gift he ever got.

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