Humor Really Is the Best Medicine


Even the word brings a smile to our faces, doesn’t it? We love to laugh. We love to hear others laugh. When asked the favorite trait of a loved one, how often is the answer, “Their laugh.”?

And yet, when we’re feeling insecure or vulnerable or defensive about something, it seems like laughter is the first thing to go. We put up a barrier between ourselves and that most healing of physical acts.

Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying that it’s okay for anyone to be insensitive or offensive.  I have found, however, that laughing at our weaknesses, our insecurities and our fears seems to give them a whole lot less power over us.

I recently stumbled across a YouTube video of Kathy Griffin doing a stand-up routine about “Hoarders”. While not appropriate for children, her act is hilarious!

Ms. Griffin says out loud what people think only allow themselves to think, when it comes to the problem of hoarding. She also makes some wonderfully comic observations about the show itself.

Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/dedo99

Oh, and her Twitter handle’s @kathygriffin if you’d like to give her a follow!

Are there some that may take offense at her act? Probably. Is it “G” rated? Definitely not!

It is, though, a wonderful chance for us to laugh. Laugh at Kathy Griffin’s talent for finding the absurd in a situation as well as her amazing comic timing. Laugh at ourselves and our own disorganized (or occasionally rubbernecking) tendencies.

Or finally, just laugh for the joy of it!


  • Corinne says:

    Great clip! Hoarding environments really are quite ridiculous and absurd when it comes right down to it.

    As I cleaned up my mother’s stuff last year there were many times I had to stop and laugh at the things she’d saved. A nearly full box of new sanitary napkins – from the days when women still had to use a BELT to wear them. I should have taken a picture before throwing them out.

  • Thanks for sharing the Kathy Griffin link – that was hilarious! We like to watch Hoarders when we’re distracting ourselves from writing… and it helps us feel better about ourselves when we procrastinate… okay so we’re not done with that scene yet – but at least we’re not hoarders 😉

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