Twelve Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving

Twelve Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving:

1. Clean house one day before Thanksgiving and set your table.

2. Select soft music and comfy clothes to set the tune for the day; rise early to prepare your bird or whatever you intend to serve.

3. Prepare dressing, casseroles, gravy, vegetables, cakes and pies one week before Thanksgiving, and then put in freezer.

4. Pull out everything out of freezer Thanksgiving morning to defrost; microwave or bake everything before dinner; please time yourself

5. For decorating, try simple things: a glass bowl of lemons will look attractive; so will a cluster of grapes in a lovely bowl; small bunches of rosemary interspersed with peppercorns which grow on many trees in this part of the country. This will make a lovely table décor including candles.

6. Invite family members and friends to help. They will enjoy it and make your day a memorable one.

7. If you expect little ones, make sure that you have fun games on-hand. Bubbles in a bottle make for a great time. Some bags of marbles, chalk for hop-scotch and a good DVD age appropriate.

8. Smile and hug your friends and family; have everyone tell a memorable Thanksgiving Day story from the past: mishaps, and undone turkey stories make good conversation.

9. Invite one of your guests to toast and to remember why we are celebrating Thanksgiving Day.

10. Go for a walk afterwards. Laugh and enjoy each other’s company and be ever so thankful.

11. If the leftovers are too overwhelming, send home parcel packages with everyone

12. If you are alone on Thanksgiving Day, contact your local hospital or senior center in advance and volunteer your services. You will make many people happy including yourself.

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