Aid Still Required

We are all caring people.  Our heart goes out to victims of a natural disasters.  Donations flood in.  We are all going to make sure change, real change, real improvements happen in these devastated areas.

Then the car breaks down .  The dog gets sick.  The kid’s science project is due.  Our lives demand attention and our focus fades.

And the media is under even more pressure.  To keep their audiences, they flit from story to story.  Darfur, Katrina, and all the areas devastated by Tsunamis might get a 3 second blurb, if that.

That is why I sit on the Board of www.AidStillRequired.org  It is a vital organization to help bring much needed media attention (and therefore attention by the public at large) to these people who still so desperately need our help.

If you are reading this blog, you are probably blessed.  Blessed with a computer. Blessed with a roof over your head.  Blessed with the security that rebels won’t burst into your home in the middle of the night.

For a moment can we spread that blessing?  I know times are tough so I’m not asking for a monetary donation (although if you are so richly blessed, it would be greatly appreciated) and I’m not even asking for much of your time (but if you are looking for a worthy cause to immerse yourself I really can’t think of one better).

Instead I am going to ask for your help on the Twitter stream.  You are there already.  You are already reading tweets.  Can you take a second and give a quick click to the RT button any time that Aid Still Required crosses your path?

Kobe Bryant and I are going to be spreading the word regarding Aid Still Required’s vital mission on CNN-LA this week, and we would love as many people as possible to watch (proving to the networks that charity does bring viewers).

Myself, Kobe, and all the people of these devastated regions, would greatly appreciate it.

You also might have noticed I began a new #CharityThursday segment.  There are so many charities out there and in this difficult economy we all struggle.  I would love it if for just one day out of the week we can bring more consciousness to being ‘of service.’

Anyone can participate, just put the hashmark up and talk about the charity that is close to your heart.

Thank you so much for your time and I hope to connect with you on the stream!

If you wish more information on how to donate or volunteer, please visit www.AidStillRequired.org or DM me @ecoorganizer on Twitter


  • Sharon Day says:

    Dorothy, I am poised and ready to watch and carry the message for AID STILL REQUIRED
    I am a believer! Thanks for all that you do!
    I am grateful for the progress that you and the charity has made; proving that even the smallest tiniest effort can make a difference.

  • Elizabeth Markovitch says:


    If only everyone could take 60 seconds out of their day to bring awareness to “be of service” to the forgotten people living in natural disasters and conflict zones.

    Hope the people reading this blog take a moment to share with their twitterverse!


  • LAH1 says:

    Thank you so much for putting this into perspective. It’s easy to pay attention when the media spotlight is on, but once that light goes off, we sometimes forget that those same people are still in need.

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