Organizing Your Food: Sugar, Addiction & Weight Loss

So many of you shared comments about sugar, weight loss and how you organize your food intake for a healthy diet, that I thought I would share some of my food / weight loss organizing tips.  And do a little research on the subject of sugar; the good, the bad and the ugly. Can sugar …

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How Can Roots, Time Management, History & The Surgeon General Help You Live A More Organized Healthier Life?

Before 1977, roots were something we had if we lived in one place for a long time. But Alex Haley’s epic TV series, gave the word a whole new meaning for Americans.  Haley’s “Saga of an American Family,” got us all wondering about our genes, heritage and previous generations. In schools across America this February …

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Need help with time management? Has it been to long since your last vacation? Do you want to declutter and create more space? Does your home feel chaotic? Are you spiraling out of control with overwhelm? Does your company CEO or its staff need to regroup?

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