A&E Hoarders Organizing Expert Faces Biggest Organizing Job Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Dorothy and Marty

Dorothy and Marty enjoying a day at the beach before the pandemic.

Dorothy The Organizer says that she has “never gotten sick from a single hoard over 11 seasons working on the Hoarders show.” Dorothy, the fearless-yet-endearing problem solver on A&E’s Emmy-nominated TV show on Hoarders, is meeting the COVID-19 crisis head-on. Dorothy has personally managed the virus at home and came up with a plan to help us all.

Dorothy had to rapidly re-organize her own home for quarantine. Her husband, Marty, tested positive for COVID-19 early in the outbreak and has since recovered. Though Dorothy experienced all of the CoVid19 symptoms, along with her husband, she recovered faster than her hubby. And it’s a good thing too— Dorothy also provides daily caregiving for her 87-year-old mom—implementing another quarantine to protect mom from the disease.  All of this in addition to her organizing business, which demands that she provide for her clients via virtual organizing appointments and loyalty to fans. “We each have a unique talent or skill that can be helpful to society,” Dorothy stated, “and I will do my part to help others.”

“Being organized helped us through the COVID-19 home quarantine, so I’m sharing with the world what I’ve learned,” quipped Dorothy The Organizer, who then produced and posted a free 10-Day COVID-19 Organizing Guide. Anyone can download this free guide on her website at www.dorothytheorganizer.com.  Simply click the link at the top of the page and you have access to the free guide.

The guide is full of organizing tips for getting yourself and family through home self-isolation/quarantine, It is set up like a 10-day challenge—providing tips and checklists for staying safe, gathering food and resources, working from home, setting boundaries, managing the family, getting things done around the house and looking towards future goals and opportunities.

Dorothy is not stopping there.  She is active on her Dorothy The Organizer Facebook page at www.facebook.com/DOROTHYtheORGANIZER, interacting with her fans and posting helpful tips and motivating videos. Don’t miss the next two planned Facebook Live events:

  • On Friday, March 27 at 11am PT, Dorothy will host a live Q&A video about her personal experience with COVID-19 and share her knowledge, experience and hope with people.
  • On Saturday, March 28, at 1pm PT, she will do a FB live Q&A taking questions from everyone around getting organized at home—any space, any room, any question.

Dorothy also has an extensive YouTube library of organizing videos available at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD8sekHnZOtCJt3nR5-FYzQ.  Click on the videos tab to access dozens of videos with ideas for work from home, organizing everything you can think of and staying motivated.  Now is also an important time to consider uploading your medical documents to the cloud for easy access by medical professionals.  You can set up your secure personal account at www.DigitalLifeCloud.com.

Dorothy added, “I also want to re-share a huge tip I learned from Dr. Patrick Soon Schiong about the science of soap.”  Dr. Soon Schiong explains that washing your hands with soap (not just anti-bacterial soap—but hand soap, dish washing detergent, etc…) breaks into the fatty exterior layer of the COVID-19 virus cell and kills the organism.  Dr. Soon Schiong’s informative video on the pandemic and how to combat the spread of the disease can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddlRvqhGdPk&list=PLc7mGcA2PNG1MhwVoWlc8hd9mN2yxwocc.

Stay tuned to Dorothy on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube! You can bet that Dorothy The Organizer will continue to keep us all informed on ways to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and improve our lives as we overcome the crisis together.

—Arrowhawk Consulting

25 March2020

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