DorothyTheOrganizer 9 Day Spring Cleaning Event

Spring Is In The AirSpring cleaning… what’s your motivation? Here are some tips to help you decide what YOU need or want to achieve!

Are you Spring Cleaning to shake out and wash off the winter dulls, do you have company coming to your house for the Easter or Passover Holiday, or are you aiming to get into a new routine to stay better organized and less stressed?

The best way to determine anything is to write down your goal, so grab a notebook and start writing.  Once you’ve determined your objective, you can decide how much time you want to spend, how often, and what’s most important for you to accomplish.  Download a Priority  ToDo List and fill it in daily or weekly.

Cleaning is always quicker and easier to accomplish in a less cluttered environment… so maybe a couple of quick decluttering sessions will start your Spring Cleaning in the right direction.  Winter weather can be confining, we spend more time in the house – and we have gathered new “stuff” as a result of he holidays, homes can get a little cluttered – here are some items you might need to deal with:

  • new clothes and extra warm clothes
  • new toys and half finished puzzles or art projects
  • new appliances, new charges and manuals
  • new tools, packaging and warranties

Take some time and use the 3R’s to deal with some of the older stuff, duplicates and paperwork that can end up just creating clutter.   Determine whether something is Rubbish and needs to be tossed, can be Recycled or donated or needs put away – Relocated.

  • Weed out broken or worn out items and put them in the RUBBISH. (If they’ve only just broken determine whether they are realistically ever going to get fixed – if not – toss them.  If they might be fixable, set a time limit on keeping and fixing them.)
  • Separate outgrown and lesser used toys and clothes and RECYCLE them to a charity or friend. (Always check in with your children to make sure they are on board with what’s getting downsized – so that you don’t accidentally throw away a favorite!)
  • New appliances and tools? Do you now have duplicates? Outdated models? Extra or new chargers? Now you have the latest gizmo, gadget or model, bring joy to someone else and RECYCLE the old one!
  • Find homes for things can be more challenging… but if something doesn’t have a home it usually doesn’t get put away.  So RELOCATE anything new or previously homeless.
  • File warranties, manuals and receipts – while you’re there maybe you can weed out some outdated ones too.  Flatten boxes if you have decided to save them for a period, but set a reminder to toss them after a month or whatever time period you normally test electronics.

Next up – Some ideas for your Spring Cleaning List:

  • windows – letting in the light can brighten the whole house
  • cleaning up the yard or porch and putting in new plants – is a great facelift as visitors approach
  • the pantry, fridge and freezer – often overlooked when routine cleaning


  • Nicole says:

    Great tips and reminders. I am great at filing warranties but completely forget to purge the files when things die or are donated. I’m putting this tip in my calendar as a “to do” item every March!

    Now I’m just hoping I can keep track of where I put your great priority list once I’ve filled it!

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