A & E’s #1 show, “Hoarders” is casting a new season!

So if you know of anyone who needs the kind of help our show “Hoarders” can give, please refer them to me!

My email is…. info@CenterForOrganization.com

If you are reading this blog, you are probably already familiar with the show, but what you may not be aware of is how “Hoarders” affects so many people beyond those featured each week.

There is such a stigma placed on the phrase ‘Hoarder’, that many times people have been too ashamed to admit they may have the condition.  Family and friends didn’t know where to turn and become frustrated as the Hoarder shrinks deeper and deeper into their dangerously cluttered home.

Now, through our show “Hoarders”  there is an open discussion in the public consciousness regarding Hoarding.  An opening up of people’s hearts to those afflicted.

People watching the show can now begin to understand, not only that they may have a problem, but that there is hope!  And the family and friends of Hoarders are beginning to see that there are so many options out there to help them, help a Hoarder.

From therapists to organizers, professionals are there, ready and waiting to assist.

On Twitter I am gathering everyone I can on the front lines; Firefighters, EMTs, ER Doctors, Nurses, Mental Health Professionals, Senior Assistance Groups, and any one who comes into regular contact with Hoarders to develop network of support and early detection.

I am proud to be involved in such a vital cause  and proud that my show “Hoarders” is entering its 3rd Season and we are able to help even more people!

So if anyone you know has a problem with clutter that is affecting their quality of life, please e-mail me and we may be able to get them onto “Hoarders!”

Also be watching my Twitter stream for tips and hints regarding helping a hoarder come to terms with their condition!


  • Susan says:

    Just want to thank you for your show. My mom has been a hoarder for years and when she moved from a 9 room house to a 2 room seniors’ home, having seen your show made it much easier for me to deal with her problem. It made me understand she can’t help it and to be patient and not use too much force to get her to throw her (precious) “junk” out. To her everything she kept for the last 89 years held a memory and was kept because of that, or because somebody somewhere might be able to use it some day. I must say your show came up just at the right time for me.

  • Sharon Day says:

    GreatGiftCircle is sponsoring two Charity events this month. One is April 18th for A SONG FOR LIFE SAROIDOSIS FOUNDATION and the other is April 29th for WELL SUITED FOR THE JOB. We are doing this in order to reach out and contact people we would not have the opportunity to meet otherwise.ASFL is in the forming stages of the non proofit status and is alreading helping people qho want support and information abbout this deadly and miunderstood disease. Well Suited is an org fthat redressess women and men who are re-entering the work force and need appropriate clothing for the job. This is also a way to show our userbase how to give back. Many people want to help in the community and sont know how to begin so our site not only helps us get what we want out of life but helps other do the same! We love and support what you do! Thanks dor……dot.

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