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I just moved another client and discovered this new website called “PartingwithPossessions.com.”  Please read about them in my blog below and let me know what you think!  I’m all about “less is more” and kind of like their ideas.

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The “Stuff” of  Life

Over the course of our lives, we accumulate stuff, much of it unneeded and space-consuming. Some of our possessions have profound sentimental meaning : others may be relegated to a garage, attic, basement or storage facility for years.

At some point parting with our possessions becomes either a necessity or a desire to downsize and simply. When that time comes, many people are overwhelmed by where to begin and frustrated by how to accomplish this with the least amount of time and stress and the most financial returns.

Parting with Possessions Has the Answers. We offer a comprehensive resource when possessions are no longer needed, wanted or have become burdensome. Parting with Possessions provides sensitive and caring counsel for what may be a difficult decision making process. Our services are designed to ease and streamline the process of reducing personal possessions through.

Consultation & Evaluation

Our consultation and evaluation is a thorough examination of your needs and goals, and helps you to answer basic questions, such as:

  • Do I have anything of value? If so, what is it worth?
  • Do I need an inventory, or an appraisal of my items?
  • What are my options for selling my possessions?
  • How long will this process take and how much will it cost?

Appraisal Review
Appraisers rely on the expertise of others; just as doctors, attorneys, and other professionals. Our trained, tested, and experienced appraisers often work as a team with specialists and oversee the appraisal process and review. To encourage new appraisers, we will review their appraisals for accuracy, methodology, and reporting requirements.

Once you know the value of your items, the next step is often the most confusing. What do you do with that information?

Parting with Possessions offers realistic recommendations concerning the best methods, and the who, what, where and how to best part with your possessions. Our objective is to make certain your transactions will be fair and offer you the best advantages based on your original goals.

We receive no remuneration from any individual or firm we recommend – we represent the seller only.

Asset Facilitation
Once consultation, appraisal and recommendations are behind you, you are left with the legwork of parting with your possessions. Most appraisers leave you there. Part of what makes Parting with Possessions unique and truly streamlined is in our ability to facilitate this step for you.

Our industry connections often enable a much speedier and efficient result when it comes to divesting personal property, and enables you to sit back and enjoy your daily routine worry-free. We can work and communicate directly with vendors and firms regarding transport and sale of your items, and provide you with a detailed explanation of transaction outcomes.

Litigation Support

Our appraisers can act as independent consultants in the litigation process through your attorney. We  will help draft deposition and interrogatory questions relating to appraisals, and appraisal methodology, as well as to assist in document request preparation. We will also review discovery responses and documents in order to assist your attorney.


If parting with your possessions isn’t so difficult for you – and just need help organizing, then be sure to visit our Organizing Services website: http://www.CenterForOrganization.com

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