Need More Time?

Who doesn’t?  Imagine what you could get done with an extra a week?  Or an extra half hour a day!

Unfortunately I believe the 24 hour day is pretty much set in stone.  No 27 hour days just because your son forgot to do his science project, or you ‘misplaced’ that bill, or a million other things the clock simply refuses to stop for.

Do you know what isn’t set in stone though?  Your habits.  Those can be changed, adapted and improved to give you those precious hours back to do something fulfilling rather than feel frazzled.

Unless you have really taken a step back and examined how you time manage, there is probably a lot of room for improvement.

Now, I know I can hear many of you saying, “I don’t have the time for that!”

Ah, the irony.  By not taking the time to stream-line our lives and create priorities, we will end up wasting not just an hour or two, but dozens if not hundreds of hours a year!

To help in this, I have helped develop the book and Bio-Binder: “Time Efficiency Makeover: Own your time and your life by conquering procrastination.” (available at: http://bit.ly/dtlAnA)

Where or not you choose to utilize this resource, the next time you feel overwhelmed and in a time ‘crunch,” imagine having an hour longer to do the task or chore.

There is no real way to ‘recover’ time, but luckily there are about a hundred ways to ‘save’ time and even ‘bank’ it for later!

To help with that, inside the Bio-binder there are ‘actionable’ sheets that take you step by step the process of finding time ‘wasters’ and freeing up your life!

No matter how you decide to get control of your time,  just beginning to think of time as something that CAN be managed is a huge leap forward!

Have a great (and harried-free) week!


  • Your Bio-binder sounds like it could really help a lot of people. I look forward to more blog posts about it!

    I find that people that say “I don’t have time for that” rather than “I can’t make that a priority” are truly in need of a time management make-over.

  • Kristin says:

    Thanks for posting this link on Twitter! you make some great points. Time management is definitely something i need to work on! my spontaneous ways can cause some problems. 🙂

    I wanted to let you know that I clicked on your link this morning so i wouldn’t forget to read it and now at nearly 11pm I have done so. What kept me from closing the tab was that gorgeous picture at the top of your blog page.
    This part of my comment may not have to do with your topic but it does go to show that the images we choose do capture the attention of readers. What a gorgeous scene!
    Thanks for sharing the topic and the picture!

  • mytagalongs says:

    Great post, seems like we all wish for a few more hours in the day to get everything done! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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