Not Your Traditional Back-to-School Advice

The rustling leaves, the quiet public pool and the school band practicing across the street…these sounds of silence wistfully take you back home.   But add today’s elements such as coaching your daughter’s soccer team to division title, holding your son’s weekly Internet club meetings in your family room, and adding more minutes to your family’s cell phone plan.  You’ve arrived back to 21st century reality.

 Yes, you still have to buy the kid’s new shoes, dispense the weekly lunch money and meet your twin daughter’s science teacher, however, you will be ahead of the game if you clearly communicate with your family during weekly family meetings. 

As avid calendar fans, my family can keep track of me – whether I’m giving a seminar in New Zealand or taping on the “Hoarders” show for A&E.   The weekly “family meeting’s” best feature allows you to share your calendar intentions with each other and handle the logistics of driving and money needed for extracurricular activities – before the whole scene becomes chaotic.  As back to school goes into full swing, imagine a school year without confusion and last minute surprises.

I advise gathering your family for a 15 minute communication session.  Each member can share their commitments for the upcoming week:  tutoring, school holidays,  babysitting schedules, carpools, piano lessons, birthday parties, dad’s travel schedule and older sister’s exam schedule at college.

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