What’s Your First Big Jewelry Experience?

 Dorothy Breininger is 5’1” and Steve Klein is 6’6.” In addition to their difference in height, they don’t have much in common – yet they talk twice a day and have developed a very close friendship with deep respect for one another. Together, Dorothy and Steve have over 50 years of business experience and share a strong desire to “do the right thing.”

Wisconsin born, Dorothy is a professional organizing expert and appears on A&E’s hit TV series: Hoarders. She is a regular on the Dr. Phil show and appears on the View, Nightline, PBS, QVC and in Oprah Magazine. Dorothy has authored several books on organizing including Chicken Soup for the Soul.

A native of California, Steve is an involved father, co-founder of several companies, savvy investor, and the one to whom others consistently turn to for advice. Steve is known for designing the first 3D promotional products using PVC material and travels to China regularly to create promotional items and souvenirs for companies such as The Walt Disney Company, Six Flags, and Hard Rock Café.

What’s interesting here is that it’s the Chelsea Taylor Designer Jewelry Line that really brought Dorothy and Steve together. Dorothy says that it was eight months before she received her “Cinderella” experience and Steve finally “Laced Her with Jewels.” Yep, one sparkling Swarovski ring and some delicate dangling “Chelsea Taylor” earrings were hers and all was well in the world.

What’s your first big jewelry experience? Dorothy and Steve would love to know. Please contact them and share your experience – you just may be selected as one of the featured customers on their  http://www.LaceMeWithJewels.com website.

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